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EU: Jews are guilty of our stupidity

In a very rude statement, the EU accused Israel of making it necessary for it to donate more to the Palestinians by strangling their economy.

We can help the European taxpayers out: stop giving money to Palestinians. The EU donates more money to the PLO than do all Arab states combined.

The EU statement features such old lies as the accusation that Israel maintains Jew-only roads which somehow leave the Palestinians without fertile land.

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EU+Jews come as something really impossible! Europe will never understand what it means to live in the same state with Arabs. EU+Jews will never draw the same conclusion.

Charlotte Hartford 16 March 2010

EU boycotts Israel because Europeans are idle and leave in their dreams and do not happen what it’s like to have Arabs as “citizens” of your state.

Dodo GreenBay 16 March 2010

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