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Equal burden is for haredim. Arabs need not be concerned.

HaredimThe Attorney General’s office informed the Knesset that the Tal Law, which is designed to equalize the burden of conscription, should affect only haredim because the law does not require Arabs to serve in the army, and therefore they cannot serve equally.

The Knesset commission reacted by promising obligatory national service for Arabs. This compulsory service is not very likely to become reality, as it would prompt riots, and it is counterproductive in any case. Jews do not want  Arabs to perform the welfare work for our people that is typical of the national service, and so the Arabs will work in their own communities, and their work will be paid by Jewish taxpayers. Such an arrangement makes little sense for Jews.

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It’s disgusting but the alternative is much worse. Arabs in the IDF? Affirmative action placing them in commanding positions, able to access secret information?

Remember those US Muslim military attacking and plotting to attack American GIs?


Actually, a less leftist Israeli government could have used the Arab exeption to exact some sort of penalty. Lower social benefits, for example. A little discouragement for those large families and multiple wives.

Canadian Otter 17 June 2012

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