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Employers won't be punished for a crime

African migrants in IsraelIn response to a leftist petition, the government has promised the Supreme Court that the employers who hire African illegals won’t be punished.

Such punishment was only hypothetical anyway, but at least it provided some illusion of justice. Now the government has granted de facto work permits to all African illegals. In this theater of absurd, we extend more lenient treatment to Africans—who are most unwelcome here for economic, cultural, and health reasons—than to Asian and Eastern European immigrants who generally behave well, pose little or no threat to public order, have useful labor skills, and bring no HIV into the country.

The government pretends that these Africans are refugees, even though it is widely known that they pay large sums of money to the Bedouin traffickers who smuggle them into our country, which makes it obvious that they are economic migrants.

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