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Election campaign continues: Lieberman's daughter arrested

Avigdor LiebermanAfter the Kadima-Avodah government successfully bolstered their election results with their Gaza operation, they faced unintended consequences. Their refusal to finish the operation by destroying Hamas boosted the popularity of Lieberman’s Israeli Beitenu Party, which demanded that IDF stay in Gaza to finish off Hamas.

The leftist establishment resorted to its usual tactic for dealing with political opponents: police persecution. For years, police dragged out various corruption allegations against Lieberman without indicting him on any of them. Lieberman went to court and got an order for the police to either charge him or stop the harassment. Days before the elections, police arrested his daughter Michal Lieberman and several other people connected with Israel Beitenu on corruption, money laundering, and fraud charges.

The investigation against Michal Lieberman began a year ago; the next day Avigdor left Olmert’s government.

Lieberman’s cohorts are no less corrupt than Avodah and Kadima—but no more so than them, either. Naturally, politicians take money for election campaigns and do something in return. Some allegations against Lieberman are ridiculous, such as a charge that ten years ago he used his connections with the Russian mafia to stabilize the falling ruble in return for a kickback from an Austrian bank. Other charges relate to equally old events.

The arrests will only improve Lieberman’s election results as the voters see that the establishment is afraid of him.

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Free Michal Lieberman!

Alex 03 May 2009

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