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Egyptian wall cannot stop African migrants

Egyptian wall cannot stop African migrantsIsrael’s construction of 200-mile wall along the Egyptian border is misguided.

The wall works against terrorists—even though they have learned to scale it—for one reason: after detectors alert us to the presence of infiltrators, we pursue and detain them. But with Africans, that’s exactly what they want, to be caught. Afterwards, they pass through detention centers, are issued papers, and are free to go and work illegally.

So the Africans can openly scale the fifteen-foot wall, jump over it into Israeli territory, and surrender to the border patrol coming to intercept them. Or they can damage the wall and cross into Israel.

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I don’t understand why nobody in authority has mentioned the UNHCR. They are the ones tasked with looking after refugees.

African refugees must be handed over to the UNHCR to be placed in camps in Egypt (or Gaza). I’m sure very few of them would opt for the camps. They would simply go home.

Canadian Otter 26 April 2012

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