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Egyptian president will be an Islamist

In the bizarre context of the Arab Spring events, El Baradei was Egypt’s most moderate presidential candidate, even though as IAEA head he had effectively supported Iran’s nuclear bid. Now Baradei has dropped out of the presidential race, claiming that the election process is not democratic. His real concern, however, was not democracy, but being sidelined by Amr Moussa and the Islamist candidates; some arrangement between them and Baradei was clearly made before he withdrew from the elections.

Baradei’s move leaves two presidential options. So far, Amr Moussa seems the likely candidate. He is vehemently anti-Israel, but relatively secular, and thus probably amenable to US pressure. But Moussa is 75, so he is not likely to live out his presidential term. Thus he will be replaced by an Islamist before the next elections. In any case, lacking his own power base, he will be so weak than the parliament’s Islamist majority will control him. Another leading presidential contender is a top figure in the Muslim Brotherhood.

Such a development may happen even before the presidential elections if, as expected, the junta steps down immediately after convening the parliament, whose speaker will then assume presidential powers.

Amr Moussa

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