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Egyptian army falls to Muslim Brotherhood

Contrary to the White House’s expectations, the Egyptian junta does not wish to bear the burden of state affairs and will pass the reins to the parliament, which is now dominated by the Muslim Brotherhood and Salafists. This move would automatically place the strongest Arab army in the world in the hands of Muslim radicals. At best, they would freeze the peace agreement with Israel and open the Sinai to smugglers and terrorists.

More importantly, the MB will have to deal with a country in chaos, and with strong liberal forces who will oppose religious dictates in parliament. The Brotherhood, therefore, will have to crack down on secular opposition and rely on religious activists to maintain order in Egypt, which is now being overrun by criminal gangs.

Because the Muslim Brotherhood views religion as more important that political freedoms, it will hold its grip on power by any means necessary, and is not going to let it go in the next elections. Egypt is drifting down the Khomeinist road.

Egyptian army falls to Muslim Brotherhood

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