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Egypt denounces Israeli-US pact

A day after Livni signed a memorandum with Rice on joint efforts to prevent arms smuggling into Gaza, Egypt refused to play its part. The memo imagined the US troops training and equipping the Egyptians to counter the smuggling, and international monitors stationed in the Philadelphi corridor.

Egypt, under heavy pressure from the Arab street for cooperating with Israel, and angry at Israel for refusing Hamas’ demands, wants no foreign troops in its territory and needs no training for something as simple as breaking into peasants’ houses to search for tunnels.

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I really don`t understand why they would expect Egypt to play a part in stopping arms smuggling. The majority believe in radical Islam, I would think, probably anti-semitic and the rest would be fearful anyway, of death threats from Hamas or Hezbollah.

Carole COLWYNBAY 18 January 2009

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