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Educational bureaucracy wins: more superfluous lessons, more pay

Work time increased 20%, salaries 25%. Teachers will spend only 2/3 of the paid time for teaching, and discharge unspecified administrative duties for the rest of the time paid by taxpayers. 1.1 billion shekels only to implement the changes.

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Zello 17 May 2008

This superfluous news has been definitely created by a person who has never done any teaching in their life! Otherwise he would be happy hearing or redaing this superfluous news because teachers will now get at least a bit more money for their work. And it is hard!

Lehrerin Amsterdam 15 March 2010

Namely because after such news which reflect some improvements in Israel, people get sick because they’re tired of the fact that Jews are constantly displeased with something. That’s why the exposition UN Palestinians have held has all the right to exist as Arabs demonstrate better features of their character than Jews.

Angel in Flesh Clifford 15 March 2010

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