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Dutch Jews saw that Islam is very good

and denounced the primitive Fitna movie which connects Islam with terrorism.

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I saw parts of the movie in qestion, and must say that it is frightening to say the least.

It truly is mind boggling, that Jews in Holland, whose past relatives were tortured and murdered, could possibly condone this film.

the spread of this cancer is beyond a cure, not even re-mission

Jerry Ram Toronto 01 April 2008

“saw parts of the movie in qestion”. Hmmm since it is not a full length feature film and only shows actual events in recent history and ties these events to “their” book the koran, i’m not sure how someone could say they only saw parts.
On a P.B i suppose. . .
Secondly why would the “Jews in Holland” NOT condone this film.
To be ignorant of history requires that one repeat it.
As Jews, we have all lived through or have a close relative who has lived through a terror event.
We “condone” any and all methods to bring to the publics’ mind the reasons for the act of terror. Just because it is done in the name of religion doesn’t mean we should hide it.
If one wants to hide something, might i suggest ones own head and sand.

Emeq Hawaii 20 April 2008

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