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Druze shrines are too sacred, not for Jews

Israeli police chief David Cohen apologized before Druzes for the policemen’ entering their shrine in Pkiin during Arab riots there. The police came to arrest 17 Druzes for throwing bombs, stones, Molotoff cocktails at Jews. Cohen told the Knesset he never saw a riot comparable to Pkiin during his thirty years of service.
In Israeli political mythology, Druzes are a loyal bunch compared to other Israeli Arabs.

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Zello 11 May 2008

On the one hand, Druze shrine is not the place for Jews because I do doubt Jews would be particularly happy to see Arabs in their shrines. But still there was a riot and if it happened in or close to a Druze shrine, what else could police do but enter?

DruzeFriend DruzeFriend 15 March 2010

I don’t quite understand why Israelis should think so much about the feelings of Druzes? Ultimately they do not hesitate when they aim their anti-aircraft rockets at Israeli planes.

Anny Alaska 15 March 2010

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