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Druze, Circassians want Jewish slaves

Israeli Druze and Circassian minorities are continuing major riots, including roadside marches and vigils.

They demand that the government cover the deficits of their municipalities. Druze and Circassian villages are all tax-negative, and productive Jews subsidize them heavily. The municipalities steal and squander the money. Now they want even more subsidies.

A number of Druze and Circassian villages have been disconnected from their water and electricity because for decades their residents did not bother to pay.

The Druze and Circassians riot because they see that the Israeli government behaves differently toward enemy villages. Israeli Muslim Arabs are also tax-negative, and also steal and squander their budgets, and also never pay for water and electricity—but the government keeps subsidizing them lest they riot. Druzes and Circassians are loyal to the Jewish state and are not expected to act violently, so the government exerts justice upon them.

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Circassians might feel like paying but did the government bother to provide them with working places? I doubt? So, whya re Jews so surprised to see Circassians rioting?

Basya Boguslav 14 March 2010

Demanding so much and ready to give nothing in return, how can anyone trust when Arabs pledge allegiance Israel as Jewish state?

Denis Kharkhov 14 March 2010

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