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Draft-dodging threat among haredim greatly exaggerated

In a widely publicized move before the expiration of the Tal Law, leftist reservists staged a protest near the government office in Jerusalem demanding to stop benefits to haredim who do not serve in the army. They claim that 63,000 haredim are dodging the draft through Tal Law exemptions.

That is not entirely correct. That figure includes a large number who are over the age of twenty-eight and have three or more children. Obviously, the state would find it prohibitively expensive to draft them and subsidize their families.

Tellingly, the protesters say nothing about draft-dodging among leftists, who need no Tal Law to claim medical exemptions and avoid being drafted by other means. They are also fine with Arabs being exempt from the draft and avoiding the alternative National Service in massive numbers. As usual, religious Jews are made into scapegoats.

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