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Draft approved for immigration of Black Christians

The Knesset approved in first reading a bill to give Israeli citizenship to at least 9,000 Ethiopian Christians who claim to be truly Jewish. Those 9,000 would then proceed to bring their extended families into Israel.
The bill is pushed by the Jewish Agency, others to justify their existence after the aliyah has ended.

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This is a good thing. The Jewish Agency has maintained racist anti-Jewish policies for very long. One operation Moses to save the Falash Jews had started, someone from that agency had deliberatly licked that to the news to stop the effort. As a former employee of in that Agency – I can testify for their position. Ironically now they apparently changed their mind. These “Black Christian” were forced to convert. I wish that some nationalist rabis would go to Spain and South America and convert back to Judaism every Latin whose last name ends with the letters “ez”, an indication of Jewish origin. WE need more Jews and less racism and elitism.

Gabriel Dekel HamiltonNewZealand 27 July 2008

There is an easy solution: step out in the middle of, say, Nairobi and tell the locals that everyone who circumcises and takes it upon himself to study the Torah will gain Israeli citizenship. You’ll get a billion of new Jews in a week.

admin 27 July 2008

your already too crowded.everyone should stay home.

jim e sparksnv. 21 January 2012

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