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Disturbed Jews honor Ukrainian famine of 1932-33

The Ukrainian Union of Israel joins the commemoration of the famine which Ukrainians blame on the policies of Jewish communists. It remains unclear why should any Jew be concerned with deaths of Ukrainian anti-Semites from whatever cause. Just 14 years before the famine, the Ukrainians massacred the largest-ever number of Jews, eclipsed only in the Holocaust.

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Prozac peddlers of the world rewind.

Emeq Hawaii 19 April 2008

What indeed had been the role of Jewish communists in the Ukrainian famine?

Alex 02 May 2009

Evidently no one has mentioned the Jewish role in Ukrainian famine but Jews themselves decided to participate in the show. That’s why they’ve started speaking about the Jewish role in Ukrainian famine.

Stezko Lviv 14 March 2010

It looks as if Jews have very few problems within Israel that they busily poke their nose everywhere they can. And they don’t seem to bother at all about the fact that Israeli skyguard failed completely, for instance.

Ukrainian Uzhgorod 14 March 2010

Actually, it’s not clear why Jews speak about Jewish involvement in Ukrainian famine. If I’m not mistaken, no one has ever said anything about Jewish involvement in Ukrainian famine.

Daniel Lahore 01 April 2010

Instead of inventing some stupid stuff, Israelis might have thought about alternative temple mount site, for example. And after writing such things, Israelis may get surprised when somebody doesn’t like Jews.

Wallis Lahr 01 April 2010

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