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Demjanyuk will be extradited

Two decades ago, the mad Supreme Court of Israel acquitted Ivan Demjanyuk, ruling that he is not “Ivan the Terrible,” an infamous sadistic Ukrainian guard of Treblinka death camp. The acquittal hinged on earlier recollections by an escapee from Treblinka surmising that he had killed Demjanyuk during the escape. The court took for testimony what was obviously wishful thinking, even though survivors recognized Demjanyuk.

Since then, Demjanyuk returned to the US where the Supreme Court decided now to extradite him as war criminal.

It is a shame for all Jews that no one yet tortured that scum to death, but extradition to Poland or Ukraine might make the task of good Jews even easier.

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So, you want some Jew to kill Ivan Demjanyuk?

Alex 03 May 2009

Demjanyuk’s identification paper’s were proven falsified by The United States Justice Dept., which was willing to sacrifice one man to please a huge political force: American Jews, of which my mother is one. Thankfully, the Israeli Supreme Court valued justice and due process more than political expediency. The survivor accounts of Treblinka after the war agreed Ivan the terrible was dead. Those who identify him as alive today belong with those who see Elvis in Walmart stores.

Chris Coughlin USA 22 March 2011

The creature was acquitted on technical grounds, and the Supreme Court recommended convicting him on other charges, which the government refused for political reasons.

admin 23 March 2011

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