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Danziger or Beinish: whose affairs are worse?

Yoram DanzigerThe Attorney General closed the case against Supreme Court Judge Yoram Danziger due to his innocence, even though Lador insisted on closing for the lack of evidence, in which case Danziger would have had to step down from the Supreme Court.

Now, Danziger clearly was not snow-white in the corruption scandal involving Bat Yam mayor Lahiani. As a private attorney who worked for Lahiani for two years and pocketed more than $200,000 in fees (plus various business deals), he certainly was tainted by the mayor’s corruption.

Indeed, it is hard to imagine any private attorney not being involved in some form of corruption, especially an attorney working with high-profile white-collar criminals. So either private attorneys should be barred summarily from the Supreme Court as a suspicious crowd, or their real-world experience should outweigh their previous dirty affiliations.

On the other hand, no private attorney has ever committed worse crimes against Israel than Supreme Court president Dorit Beinish, who routinely compromised state security to placate leftists.

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