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Danny Yatom quits politics for diamonds

Ex-Mossad chief Danny Yatom should not have been in politics in the first place for the clear conflict of interests: at Mossad, he knew the information which, as an MK, he had a duty to tell the public.

Danny Yatom is Lev Levaev’s partner in the Angola diamond business. Danny Yatom uses his Mossad contacts for personal gain. In Angola, Levaev also cooperates with Russian KGB/ FSB.

Danny Yatom claims he left the Knesset due to its deteriorating morals. Sure, a Mossad chief is himself a beacon of morality.

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Contact for Danny Yatom as for any other businessman is undoubtedly extremely very important. That’s why contact for Danny Yatom should not be used as a thing to blame him for.

Man Quantico 13 March 2010

This guy is the type one should mention referring to Israel waste management. Criminal waste management, I mean. He’s a real balck ship and deserves a severe punishment.

Madam Boulder 13 March 2010

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