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Curses are better than courts

Rabbis from Edah Yehudit laid curse on participants in the gay parade in Jerusalem. The curse does not affect gays per se but only those who publicly offend the sanctum of Jerusalem. The leftist Supreme Court permitted parade of sexual perverts in Jerusalem. It remains to be seen whether homosexuals will file police complaints against the rabbis for inciting the Almighty against them.

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Sadly, the error of humanity is that not only do we tend to compromise with that which is against life, but we pick and choose from the tree of right and wrong openly amongst ourselves. Its’s like in America, the government passes laws to where a pack cigarettes is legal on one hand, but on the other the pack itself has a warning on it. What rulership that is concerned with the life (living) of it’s populance would legalize DEATH. The list could go on, and all humanity does is point the finger blame, instead of searching within themselves to the truth that lies in EVERYONE, race color or creed aside.

Nabi Yahniyah Ben Yisrael ChattanoogaTennessee,NewBabylon 21 July 2012

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