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Critical turn in Israeli relations with South Africa

“We stand by you and support you,” says South Africa’s Intelligence Minister Kasrils to Hamas’ Haniyeh, demands that international community lifts sanctions against the Hamas government. South Africa traditionally aligned itself with Israel. Ronnie Kasrils is a Jew, works for the black African National Congress.

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Anything to sell more diamonds

peace2b FortLauderdale 24 July 2007

South Africa-Israeli relations leave much to be desired. But everything changes under the sun and South Africa-Israeli relations as well.

Naomi CapeTown 13 March 2010

It doesn’t look like a critical turn in relations but more like an Obama chicken game. In politics it’s impossible to be sure of anything.

Jones SanAntonio 13 March 2010

Like anyone should care what the South African goverment thinks… There are enough whites left in South Africa who still support Israel. DOWN WITH HAMAS, DOWN WITH THE ANC

Duncan Somerset-Wes 05 August 2010

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