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Crime ring busted: 1,200 fake Jewish children

Authorities in Romania cracked down on the Sabus hospital in Bucharest, where Israeli mothers received egg implants from Gypsies and other Romanians. Their children were counted as Jews.

The crackdown has more to do with Romanian anti-Semitism than legal issues. Recently, the mayor of Constanza paraded in a Nazi uniform.

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These accidents may be regarded as Israeli crime because why on earth should descendants of Romanians or Gypsies be treated as Jews? Just because Israelis try to have as many Jews all over the world as possible? Then they may invite Ephiopian Jews, for example. This is an Israeli crime, really.

KinderSurprise USA 11 March 2010

Thanks God they didn’t call it an anti-semitic murder as usual.

@Friends@ Hollywood 11 March 2010

These children will be definitely called fake Jews despite the fact that their mothers are Jews anyway. Those fake Jews will have to suffer a lot because if someone gets to know about their origin in Israel, they will despise them.

Eara La_Paz 01 April 2010

For ordinary people, not Jews of course, this behavior will seem strange. It seems that only Nazis were so keen on the purity of their blood. But since the question are Israeli Jews considered Sephardi or Ashkenazi, you should imagine how important the issue of origin is.

Adrian La_Rochelle 01 April 2010

The notion of anti-semitism shouldn’t cause so much surprise. jews may be literaly found in any country. And apart from simply living they manage to commit a number of various crimes occupying almost the leading positions in crime statistics. And Paz arrested arms dealer serves as a proof.

Alejandro Napa 09 April 2010

#5 Alejandro you are so full of crap. My brother is a probation officer and has zero Jews in his custody. one of my brothers-in-law is a prison warden has zero jews in prison. You go in the prisons and idiots like you are the filth that are in the prisons. I hope you rot in a jail.

MEXHEB LosAngeles 08 November 2010

I don’t see any mention of this story on any other site, mainstream or otherwise. Hmmm…I think it would have been a significant story and a general huge scandal.

NYC_Ro_Gyp_Jew 20 March 2012

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