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Crime pays

The Israeli government is searching for African countries willing to accept the hundred thousand black illegals who have infiltrated Israel. The idea is silly: the proposed payment of ‘millions of dollars’ is too small to accommodate such vast numbers. Besides, transferring the alleged refugees against their will is illegal.

Instead, Israel should deliver the ‘refugees’ to where they belong: UNRWA refugee camps in Gaza and Lebanon.

African migrants

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That’s the best idea I have heard.

Nina Miami,USA 29 October 2010

If they send them to UNRWA refugee camps, will these blacks claim they are also descendants of 1948 “Palestinian” refugees and need to be given right of return to Israel in a ‘final’ “peace” agreement, too?

No name 29 October 2010

What’s so hard about sending back to the place they belong. It’s call deportation. It happen where we live.

BELCHER USA 30 October 2010

We don’t know, officially, where they are from. They have no papers.

admin 30 October 2010

We need the same idea to Greece

stergios triantafyllou Athens 02 November 2010

Deport them to Washington DC to live with their native people.

Pinchas 08 November 2010

Why can’t these people be put to work for all the farmers begging for more government approvals on importing foreign workers ??

In any case how stupid can our policy makers get?
First make any kind of a set of laws to contineue to control the mess then build the appropriate mechanisms???!!!!

shmuel Jerusalem 30 November 2010

Shmuel: Unlike Asians, Africans have no culture of field work. They are not good farm workers. Though, of course, to let them work and leave would be a way better choice than to keep them here indefinitely as ‘refugees.’

admin 30 November 2010

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