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Court upholds the corporate right to plunder Palestine

The Supreme Court, usually so pro-Palestinian, issued a rare decision against the Arabs. Hearing a case brought by the ultra-leftist organization called “There is a Limit,” the court decided that Israeli oligarchs can continue developing quarries in the West Bank. The court circumvented the blanket prohibition on plundering occupied lands by referring to the Oslo Accords, which allow continued quarrying.

This argument is odd. Most occupiers install a subservient local government, and such a government would of course sign any agreement with them. The 1907 Hague Convention makes such agreements illegal, assuming correctly that they are made under duress against the interests of local populations.

Of course we do not occupy the land, which is ours. But in the leftist worldview of the Supreme Court, their decision on quarries is mistaken.

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This is revealing. Apparently the courts decisions are influenced by who benefits. Apparently the jewish oligarchs are the ones behind the court.

viiit 30 December 2011

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