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Court orders Sephardi, Ashkenazi Jews to unite

Ashkenazi, Sephardic tzitzitThe atheists of Israeli Supreme Court have put an end to a thousand years of religious deliberations on Sephardi and Ashkenazi canon. Leftist judges proudly decided a matter upon which the finest rabbinical commentators couldn’t agree. From now on, Israeli religious schools cannot separate Sephardi and Ashkenazi students who follow substantially different traditions; they must mix them, and allow students from five years up a free choice of religious tradition.

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Israeli religious tradition is quickly becoming mixed, anyway, as Ethiopians, Russians, Arab Jews, and West European Ashkenazi intermingle daily

Alex 01 May 2009

as the son of a Sephardic woman (my mom was raped as a teen i am her firstborn her rapist was a goy and a catholic Priest), who is married to an ashkeni, I say It is about TIME!! WE ALL JEWS!! Why should we be different! It is about time to merge, and JOIN HANDS, I quot DAVID HA MELEKH in Psalm 133 “BEHOLD HOW GOOD IT IS FOR BROTHES TO DWELL IN UNITY”! After all, when the Beit Ha’Miqdash is rebuilt all of us will be there anyway! The world Hates why should we have a rift between ourselves, in this day and age we should show solidarity to our Brethren weather he is Sephard, Ashkenzi, Nizrachi, Frum, Ultra-Orthodox, Modern Orthodox, Egaliterrian and Frum, Egaliterrian and conservative, Liberal or Secular IT SHOULD NOT MATTER!! Thant is one Frum Egaliterrian Jews Thought!! Shavua Tov and Happy New Year (5770)!

Menechem Shaul ben Avraham CalgaryAlbertaCanada 06 September 2009

I personally do not see any kind of discrimination – Ashkenazi discrimination or Shephardi one. Instead, I see a chance for people to decide what is better for them and no Ashkenazi discrimination at all.

Angela Heaven 11 March 2010

This situation is similar to the one when Colombia Jews in Cartagena where Israelis as usual were talking about some discrimination, too.

AutoFan Startford 11 March 2010

Are Israeli Jews considered Sephardi or Ashkenazi? The answer to this question doesn’t seem to be important at all. If Jews are Jews, how does the question Are Israeli Jews considered Sephardi or Ashkenazi matter?

Leana La_Grange 01 April 2010

The behavior of Jews is absolutely unpredictable, just as it is with ISRaeL NEWS ON BUILDING THE TEMPLE. Some suggest fighting with arabs, others – finding an alternative site. But the point is no one can find a compromise and makes a lot of fuss about nothing.

La_Mesa Rylan 01 April 2010

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