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Court denies Jewish right to kill anti-Israeli activists

Rachel CorrieThe Haifa court acquitted IDF of charges of negligent homicide in the Rachel Corrie case. She died under an Israeli bulldozer while trying to protect a Palestinian house slated for demolition.

The court’s arguments are outright wrong. The situation then fell well short of war, so there is no exception to be made for military necessity. The very fact that international activists who had legally entered Israel were present at the scene and were not detained proves that no military action was being conducted at the time. The court was also mistaken in stating that the bulldozer driver could not see the activist: both the driver and officers knew that activists were routinely blocking bulldozers in the area.

The court refused to hand down a commonsense exoneration for IDF forces: that foreign activists are not civilians in any sense, but enemies in a war zone, and are as legitimate a target as Arab terrorists.

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