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Contra Daniel Pipes

Daniel Pipes, a typical politically correct right-winger, offered his arguments against transferring the Arabs out of Israel. Below is our rebuttal.

1. It is morally wrong. Transfer of foreigners cannot be morally wrong by definition because morality is an intra-group phenomenon. Our moral needs conflict with those of the Palestinians. Also, something which is standard cannot be immoral, and population transfers took place many times during the twentieth century.

2. It turns Israelis against their state. A lot of Israelis are against their state, anyway. The Haredim despise the Zionist state. Ultra-leftists despise the Jewish state. Almost everyone, even down to the hardcore leftists despises Arabs, so the transfer is unlikely to exacerbate tensions. On the contrary, in the long-term perspective, the transfer would remove a major reason for Jewish-Arab and right-left divisiveness. Also, why did the government not worry about division when evicting the Gush Katif residents?

3. It infuriates the American ally. The United States cannot afford to rethink its alliance with Israel, its only real ally in the Middle East, a major arms customer, and lobbyist par excellence. President Wilson approved Turkey’s Greek population transfer, and the equally idealistic President Roosevelt approved the forced transfer of twelve million Germans from Eastern Europe.

4. Inflames, not discourages, the Arab enemy. Transfer would end terrorism by Israeli Arabs. Almost all recent terrorist attacks have been perpetrated by Israel’s Arab citizens and residents. They riot continually and have developed into the backbone of Israeli crime. Enmity with foreign Arabs is not a real problem because they are afraid to attack Israel. Other Arabs don’t care about the Palestinians and hate Israel to the utmost, thus the transfer cannot worsen the situation.

The transfer is the only option to sustain a Jewish state. Arabs already constitute 34 percent of Israel’s young and in twenty years will become the largest Knesset faction.

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