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Clinton thinks Chinese are stupid

Hillary Clinton in ChinaIn a lame attempt to woo China to support sanctions on Iran, Clinton declared that the nuclearization of Iran would disrupt oil shipments from Arab countries to China. Oh, really? Does she imagine that the Saudis, Qataris, and Kuwaitis will protest China’s inaction regarding Iran by suspending oil shipments? Or that Iran, which depends entirely on oil shipments, will expel oil tankers from the Persian Gulf heavily policed by the US Navy?

Clinton also shared with the world her prediction that a nuclear Iran would prompt Israel to spark a regional arms race. As if the Middle East is not the world’s largest arms importer, anyway.

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Americans tend to tthink that they’re the smartest and other nations including Chinese are inferior to them. But remembering what Chinese haev achieved, this belief may lead to dangerous consequences.

nohow Belgrad 05 March 2010

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