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Civil rights, Arab rights, now monkey rights

Israel’s High Court takes a bizarre pride in being the most activist judicial body in the world, inventing civil rights even in the absence of constitutional precedent, based on vague definitions of human dignity.

No longer satisfied with inventing rights for humans, the court has blocked exports of macaque monkeys to the United States for medical experiments. Now, the US has strong animal protection laws, and there is no doubt that the monkeys would be used properly, though of course cruelly. If nothing else, the high cost of macaques guarantees that they won’t be killed for food or in senseless experiments.

The only question remaining is, whom do medical researchers have to experiment on?


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There is no need for experiments on live animals – except in very, very few cases. Modern technology allows labs to use tissue culture and computers instead.



3.4 minute video of scientific experiments on primates in UK lab -



It is a fact that millions of animals are pointlessly tortured and killed to test cosmetics and other unnecessary items.

In the end, since companies are allowed to do their own unmonitored research, results are manipulated in favor of the company. All that torture of helpless animals for nothing!

Countless products – including pharmaceuticals – are withdrawn from the market every year due to incomplete and deceptive research studies.

Canadian Otter 28 March 2012

I would imagine that rats and mouses are experimented on for no good reason, but why would anyone waste very expensive monkeys?

admin 29 March 2012

Dear Administrator, why is Israel involved in this kind of trade at all?

The subject of animal suffering is a very emotional one for most of us.

Israel already has enough bad PR. It does not need to become known as an exporter of animals bound for torture.

Israeli companies already experiment on animals. That’s bad enough. But why export these animals?

And if these primates are not all needed for experiments, why not create a refuge for them? It’s already done in the States for chimps who retired from experimental labs.


It would be good for the animals and good PR for Israel.

I’m trying to take a practical approach here – although my own feelings are very strong in the subject of animal rights.

Canadian Otter 29 March 2012

Animals have another immunsystem, another digest-system and react stronger and faster on lifestile-poison and environment-changes than humans. They are not human. *Therefor the experiments are useless and give us medicune to cover up the result of sickness,more than cure the sickness. The drugs found by experiments on animals has as much sideeffects, expecially if taking several drugs at the time,as we do.
We live longer with all kind of diseeses, being old even longer. Often cleansing the body, give it energy and tranquility and cut down the day to day-stress will create more health than torturing animals for socalled good reasons will do more good.It will surtanly be better when being old and sick. Give it a try.

Bente Støa 1363Høvik 29 March 2012

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