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Chutzpah is not about Jews

Hundreds of African illegals conducted a demonstration in Tel Aviv to protest the government’s attempts to deport them.

Instead of rounding up the illegals right at the demonstration and deporting them immediately to teach the others a lesson, the government agreed to maintain a dialogue with these criminals, who openly boast of their crime and demand its legalization.

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I hope Israel is not puting in danger all the Jews who are living abroad. And gaining the desapproval of their God who advise to try good immigram living in their land, if their God aprove this movement is ok but I he doesn’t is a big problem. Jews are making lot of mistake . But is good for them to ask God how to lead this dificult nation. Jews you have lot of peoples who love you abroad. please work to increse this good feeling peoples have for you if you are sure you are the peoples who God have choosen to have a relation then nobody is going to steal your identity that you have keep for hundreds of year keep your relgion and fullfill it but don’t look donw the rest of the world get distance yoursel from attitud like nazis

altu 13 June 2012

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