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Christians buy Jewish education programs in FSU

The Evangelical-funded International Fellowship of Christians and Jews paid $11 million to finance Jewish education in the Former Soviet Union.

The situation is beyond absurd. The FSU “Jewish” programs are bloated and irrelevant and must be largely abandoned. A typical class involves a couple of assimilated Jews along with a dozen cross-wearing students whose grandmothers were Jewish—or so her faked birth certificate says. Several programs pay the students significant stipends, which is their only reason for attendance. The education level both in generic and Jewish education hit bottom while bureaucratic expenses went through the roof.

It comes down to how spend the limited funds best. Wasting tens of thousands dollars per FSU student—who is 90 percent likely to assimilate, even if he’s Jewish in the first place—is unreasonable.

If the government believes that FSU education is needed, then $11 million doesn’t seem like a huge amount for the State of Israel. The Jewish Agency cut the equivalent financing after its budget was reduced by 10 percent. With no aliyah in sight, the JA wastes $400 million annually. Not only is this senseless, its expenses are counterproductive: in order to justify its moribund existence, the Sohnut invents Jews from Russian Jews-by-grandfather-to-Ethiopian Christians-turned-Jews-to-Indians.

Th Evangelicals are good people and genuine supporters of Israel, but we can educate Jews on our own.

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Florida State University Jewish classes is an example of human kindness. But Jews as usual suspect everyone of they don’t know what themselves! But what surprises me most is their strong belief that everyone, literally, dreams of being a Jew. Although quite a lot of people still hide this fact of their biography. And Florida State University Jewish classes is simply an example of adequate behavior of adequate people.

Belle Birma 05 March 2010

This situation reminds another one when some Jews were as usual displeased with other people and with Jews as well and this deals with Christians United for Israel, reform Judaism and similar establishments when some people try to be people but not Jews.

Neptun SAR 05 March 2010

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