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CBS: Statistics or lies?

Posted By admin On February 23, 2009 @ 11:21 am In Arabs, feature | 1 Comment

CBS published a rosy demographic report [1]: the ratio of Jewish births in Israel has increased to 75 percent. This is alarming—Arabs have become a quarter of the Israeli population [2].

At least 15 percent of those whom CBS counts as Jews are not Jewish according to traditional standards. That reduces the number of Jewish births to 65 percent, so that Jews assuredly have lost their supermajority status.

The report also glosses over the reductions in Haredi birth rates in response to reduced subsidies. The economic crisis, which left the Haredi community without much in the way of donations [3], also affects its growth rate negatively. Arabs, whose standard of living is lower, are satisfied with the current level of subsidies, and their population grows.

The CBS report also ignores hundreds of thousands of Arab residents, who are not citizens of Israel, and a million illegal migrants.

The average Arab family is 4.9 people, as opposed to 3.7 among Jews. A third of all Arab families have more than four children; the CBS report ignores polygamous families in which each wife is registered as single mother. In Tel Aviv, a third of all Jewish families are childless.

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