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CBS data: Jews are losing out

According to the Central Bureau of Statistics, the birth rate is 2.8 among Jews and 3.7 among Arabs.
Jewish population growth is declining steadily, and has now returned to the level of the 1980s. Thus the demographic effect of aliyah is lost in the long term.

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This is happening in the UK and Europe!
God help us when we become the minority!

Carole ColwynBay 30 December 2010

We are already in the minority, especially when the government is solidly behind arabs, along with the cooperate elite, who stands with arabs, as long as it will bring a buck.

Chuck LapineOregon 30 December 2010

well just think maybe if the holocaust didnt happen there might be some 32 million of us instead of 13.4 million now. and i am pissed off b/c that means perhaps my bershert was not born because of this, so i have to remain single…

welliguess worldwide 30 December 2010

Is there no medicine that can lower the Arab fertility?
Can not something be added to the watter they drink?

Viiit 31 December 2010

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