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Bush: schizophrenic or ignorant?

Bush refused direct talks with Iran, though such talks repeatedly took place in Baghdad on the level of ambassadors.
Bush declared he won’t negotiate with a state which puts people in prison for their political beliefs, meaning Iran. Mind you, Israel keeps a lot of Jews (forget the Arabs) in jail specifically because of their political beliefs. The list of jailed Jewish dissidents includes teenage boys and girls, as well as elderly Jews. Some Jews still languish in jail on Ariel Sharon’s law which made open dissent with disengagement from Gaza a punishable offense. Jews are routinely arrested in Israel for trivial political expressions, down to the recent “desecration” of Ukrainian flag by Jewish activists protesting the official Ukrainian anti-Semitism. It was in Israel, not in Iran where a Jewish girl named Tatiana Soskina served three years in jail for painting “prophet” Mohammed as a pig.

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