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Britain's wrong lessons

After barely suppressing this week’s urban riots, the British government is working on rescinding some of the austerity measures it introduced in the wake of the economic collapse of its quasi-socialist economy.

In the politically correct world, the riots are being blamed on economic hardship. Nonsense. Dirt-poor Jews in Eastern Europe did not riot in the nineteenth century. Poor Jews in present-day Israel do not set up tent camps—but relatively affluent leftists do.

Which answers the question of what caused the British riots. The immigrants are suddenly affluent compared to their previous standard of living. They do not have to work for living, but are content with subsidies. They have plenty of leisure time. Combine that with youthful radicalism and the lack of liberal traditions in their ethnic and religious cultures, which creates a feeling of impunity—and you have riots.

But instead of admitting that those immigrants are a culturally foreign element, that they are economic spongers who have to be repressed or evicted, the government contemplates more subsidies for them—which will only whet their appetites.

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