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Britain tries Israel and finds her guilty

As a token reaction to Mossad’s purported forgery of British passports, the UK expelled an Israeli Embassy official—presumably, Mossad’s representative.

The expulsion is judicially unwarranted: there was no trial and the Brits were unable to assemble any evidence confirming Israeli involvement. The expulsion therefore effectively names Mossad’s chief as a criminal responsible for passport forgery and subject to arrest.

Let’s see if Israel would have the guts to expel a British Embassy official in retaliation, which is standard diplomatic procedure for self-respecting states.

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The correct response is for Israel to shut down the British Embassy and send all British diplomats home. In cutting diplomatic ties with Britain, she should also put a stop to the flow of money to organizations such as Peace Now, which rely on British money to survive.

Netanyahu must take a stand. Nations like Britain are always happy to help Israel risk self-destruction. Israel does not need help from Britain, the U.S. or any nation to risk SELF-SURVIVAL.

Liz SleepyHollow,NY 25 March 2010

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