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Britain wants to return to Palestine

Horatio NelsonThe British government offered to send its navy to prevent weapons smuggling into Gaza. As if we need anyone’s help.

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One day you will need external help,my friend.The crusaders are not gone and we want to help Israel this time.We can coomunicate through e-mail,if it’s ok to you.

Alin Bucharest,Romania 18 January 2009

The only “external” help we need is The Most High G_D. Returning unto HIS Law has been our problem for centuries.

Perhaps we can accommodate them once again, I hear the King David is available.

Emeq Pahoa 18 January 2009

Since when romanians open their mouth? Futu skuru moti

Andrew 18 January 2009

You are so much against it because British military and Palestine smuggling can make friends instead of control or something. That’s the reason why you “do not” need anyone to help you1 You do! You haven’t been able to do anything for God knows how many years. This situation with Bitish military and Palestine smuggling simply show how scared you are.

Pope Vatican 03 March 2010

Israelis are so much against any kind of interference with their lives but are so willing to tamper with other countries! And they seem to be particularly prejudiced against Britain. And the way Jews accept, or do not accept to be more precise, is the niversal jurisdiction Israel Britain insists should put up with. And they seem to be right.

Mikah Murray 03 March 2010

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