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Britain bans entry to Feiglin

The country of rampaging freedom of speech informed Moshe Feiglin of Likud that from now on he is barred from entering Britain. The letter cites a number of Feiglin’s articles “which might provoke intra-group violence in Britain.” The ban, likely arranged by Feiglin’s nemesis Netanyahu, puts Feiglin in the league of Rabbi Meir Kahane who was also barred from Britain and Canada.
Britain has no problem with jihadist propaganda by its may Islamic newspapers and websites.

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Britain chooses to maintain its anti-Jewish policy. They have not changed one bit from when they held the mandate for Palestine. Only weak and subservient Jews are acceptable – and only at times.

Alain Canada 10 March 2008

Israel chooses to maintain its anti-Palestinian policy.
They have not changed one bit since when they stole the West Bank, the Golan Heights, the Sheeba farms and Jerusalem.
Only weak and subservient Palestinians are acceptable – and only at times.

Robbo Mexico 11 March 2008

Nice try Robbo at spinning the facts. There is no such thing as “Palestinians”, that is a KGB fabrication to create a fictional people. Any stealing of land was done by the Arabs.

Alain Canada 11 March 2008

Alain, Alain, Alain–have you never compared the map of Israel as granted by the UN´s Partition Plan in 1947 and present day Israel with its expanded borders?
Israel was never ever granted the West Bank, the Golan Heights, the Sheeba farms nor any part of Jerusalem.
Israel has taken/won/stolen/occupied these areas.
It must return them.

Robbo Mexico 12 March 2008

Maintaining a lie does not truth make Robbo. Either you are totally ignorant of history or you wilfully distort the truth. Citing the partition plan, which itself was a fraud, is meaningless, since the Arabs rejected it and declared war on Israel. They lost any rights at that point. They again tried it again in 1967 and lost again. It goes on an on, but the bottom line is that the Arabs lost all rights due to their own aggression.

Also you jump from the so-called Palestinians to this, forgetting that it was Jordan, Syria and Egypt that lost land to Israel during the wars they started.

I have no intention of continuing this. If you are simply ignorant of the facts, then do the research and learn the truth. If on the other hand it is wilful dishonesty, nothing is going to change.

Alain Canada 12 March 2008

So true Alain, but the nazis in history, of whatever era have thoughtfully taught the world that if you repeat a lie often enough, not only do you begin to believe it yourself but others do as well.
Moshe Feiglin, of Manhigut Yehudit, has just been part of revealing more truth to the world: We should all be in Israel as the antisemites unite throughout the world against us.
It seems the Brits of the planet would rather have muslims blowing up their citizens than to receive knowledge, truth and true justice through TORAH. The Brits, who actually claim direct descendancy and even claim the rock of the seat of authority from the Holy Land. Remember it was the Brits who fought so hard against the reestablishment of Israel itself, so that they could hand out more favors to their now enemies of peace and freedom. The world had nothing to do whatsoever with the “establishing” of Israel, they only participated in allowing a Nation State to reclaim some of it’s rightful lands once again. A right going back some 5000 years. Not like the arab states, only established in the late 19th and early 20th centuries.

Emeq Hawaii 14 March 2008

What a fine upstanding decent fellow this Feiglin is.
Proudly racist “you’re dealing with a culture (Arabs) of thieves and robbers”.
He proposes ethnic cleansing by shipping out Arab Israelis to Jordan against their will.
He proposes destroying 50,000 arab homes adn buildings in Israel just because they Arab owned.
Feiglin is disturbingly similar to that other extremist racist Rabbi Meir Kahane (who is [MODERATED] now dead).
Forming a Greater Israel, expelling non Jews from Israel, restricting Israeli citizenship and political affiliation exclusively to Jews.
When the world has people who extoll this type of people and their obscene ideas, there can be no dialogue with decent folk.
Its people like that who have caused Israel to be rightfully Satanised.

Robbo Mexico 14 March 2008

Oh my yes! Decent folk.. Now there is an idea, we can all go back to school, oh yes and that would be a primary school like from pre-school to about 8th grade, and learn how to strap bombs to babies. Dialogue and decency indeed.
And, lets all learn about how the Jews stole the palestinians land, except there are no palestinians. They are arabs, nomadic brigands at best, and other arabs didn’t even recognize palestinians until it became convenient to guise the murder of Jews under a different flag; intifada, jihad or whatever u bozos wish to call it is tenuous now at best. Even the neighbor arab states, created in the 20th century under the british mandate of oil for land deals did not want their own people back, and to this very date refuse them entry. As for the “arab Israeli” citizens. They were not forced into citizenship, they chose to become such. Now we are finding almost daily that they violate Israeli law, law they chose to uphold. We see now that that doesn’t work (though many of us knew this from G_D’s WORDS) for as we have observed over the last few decades, they only use their identity to prepare for terror and perpetrate acts of terror as the one this last week where young high school boys were brutally murdered execution style while lying already dying on the floor by your chosen citizen. Young men studying G_D’s WORDS. But you see, these alleged arab/israelis are not really Israeli, they are muslim, and their law states clearly that they do not owe their “truth” to any infidel. Simply stated, it is ok to lie to anyone not a muslim. All you gotta do is ask arafat, he said that very thing in South Africa, quoting their own, I guess it’s your prophet.
There you have it perfect dialogue.
You see, Feiglin has been quite tolerant in his approach. He said ship them back to their countries, he did not say kill them all, which is what the arabs say concerning the Jews. And yes, bulldoze the houses, believe me it is best, I have lived in one. But then Feiglin is a Jew, as I am also, and Robbo would have every one hate us simply because we are Jews; now where have I heard those words before??
Oh, excuse me I must get back to my study of G_D’s WORDS, they warn us about people like you.
And remember now Robbo, we’re not the great satan, just the little one, eh? But might I suggest you do not try to bring your form of dialogue to our doorstep, we tend to meet force with overwhelming ‘dialogue’. Works for me anyway. I think Robbo, you will find Jews of every color and from every part of this planet. Sorry but you can’t be a Jew and be a racist, but we can hate violence such as perpetrated by your “dialogue”, and fight it with force if necessary. But then that wouldn’t get rid of the Jews now would it?
There you have it just as Robbo wants it: dialogue.

Emeq Hawaii 14 March 2008

The British government have wisely decided to prevent racists and hate mongers like Feiglin from entering the UK and their decision is to be applauded. He is after all, as bad as any Finsbury Park mullah with his Zionist ideas of Greater Israel, taking over The West Bank by force, expelling arabs, denying them any political rights, and other expansionist radical policies all with the primary aim of putting Jews first.
The young students at Mercaz Harav yeshiva are being taught to spread their aggresive ideas of Jewish dominance in the area–most are gun totin’ Gung Ho youngsters being trained to expell all non Jews from lands that their rabbis deem to be “Jewish land“. Hence the “student” who shot the attacker in the head with his rifle.
One of the many extremist students at that place was David Raziel the 1st commander of that terrorist organization Irgun which was responsable for the slaughter of many British subjects.
“He who lives by the sword dies by the sword” and that would seem apt for those unfortunate young men who were being groomed to fight for Jewish dominance.

Robbo Mexico 14 March 2008

It is clear now that Robbo is wilfully dishonest and insists on repeating the same age old lies, which makes him a supporter of terrorists at the very least.

The quote of he who lives by the sword applies to the Arabs – the Ishmaelites.

Alain Canada 15 March 2008

WoW! Are you having trouble hiding your antisemitism there? If you get too far afield Robbo, you’re gonna dribble on ur keyboard.

So let me get this straight… Israel, the size of Rhode Island, with a handfull of souls, surrounded by 21 arab states with hundreds of millions of Jew hating muslims who want nothing more than Jewish blood,, Israel is the aggressor.

I think I got ur stand there Robbo, just wonder what ur standing on since it’s obvious history and common sense have eluded u. If it’s winter where u are, i think u might practice lickin lamp posts, I hear it does wonders for attitude and reality checks, oh and antisemitism as well.

Did ur parents have any children that survived?

Emeq Hawaii 15 March 2008

Robbo you must be blind or can’t or won’t refer to the facts of history which have been quoted and explained to you above. I must suppose that you are a Muslim and are no different than those who chose to sacrifice everything and all for the sake of a statement of to “wipe Israel off the face of the map”. Israel is the place of G_ds choice for the Jews forever more. The ones defending their homeland the Jews. I do not understand why the world feels that they(the Jews) should give up their land to others especially to a people whose culture is not within the Torah. The Koran is not a holy book but a book inciting violence against anyone who is not Muslim. Now why would the world condone that. Let me see you send your children and mother and father to the front line with bombs attached to them. As only the young, healthy male is kept alive for other purposes and to die a martyr is favored among the young healthy males. I for one am glad I do not belong to a culture so violent as I love my family and neighbors. The U.S.A. and Britain support the Palestinians with millions of dollars in aid to direct violence at the peaceful people of Israel, the Jews. These people(Palestinians) are not suffering. You must donate your money today as this would back up your ideals and beliefs. You are sad to believe lies and are ignorant to not study the history of the Jews.

Alexys Hawaii 15 March 2008

Oh, and least i forget G.B. They would have u believe it means Great Britan; it really means Grand Brigands. In the immortal words of that great Scott: Jock McBile::: “Get Stuffed”
Satire is it’s own petard

Emeq Hawaii 15 March 2008

I was wondering when someone would start screaming “Anti semite”.
This well tried old trick used many a Jew when he is cornered and has no logical sane arguement. I shall treat his insults with the respect they deserve. He will be ignored from now on.

The other poster wearing a flowered shirt and no doubt overdoing it on the rum based drinks has shot off on a tack which he has invented, namely that I am a Muslim.
I have no perticulat love or hate of Muslims. They are people with defects and some very disagreeable undemocratic traits in their countries. Having said this I cannot condone the outright aggressive and expansionist policies of the Israeli government and the ideas of some extreme right wing posters on this site. It seems to me that you chaps are all patting yourselves on the back and telling each other what fine fellows you are and how only you are right. Unfortunately for you lot, the world doesn’t see the Israeli state and illegal West Bank settlers through rose coloured glasses. We see many cruelly evil actions starting with taking others’ lands and attempting to justify the stubborn holding on to those lands by gun packing madmen who believe they have God’s permission and murder, mistreat, insult and humiliate the arab people apart from the stealing of the sub soil water resources of the occupied territories. Not the first time that evil actions have been carried out in God’s name.

Robbo Mexico 15 March 2008

Ok, ok already, so then you are just a Jew hater. Sorry. I was only being concise for the literate crowd.
Now for facts which you obviously and continually refuse to ignore; my your handlers did a fine job now didn’t they…
Fact 1. One cannot steal that which is theirs by law, by law meaning legally owned the rights to. That right under International Law goes back oh, about 5000 years..before your version of international law even existed. more than 4000 years before the idea of there being muslims was even thought of. And throughout that time Jews have always lived in the Land we know as Israel, always.
Fact 2. We don’t pat ourselves on the back. We hug and congratulate each other on another Jewish life saved.
Fact 3. Yes, in fact, at times I do wear flowered shirts. You see, I am involved in assisting the Hawaiian People whose Land was stolen in 1893, by the Great Satan you so eloquently associate us with, and the Hawaiian attire is required to appear before their Royalty as a show of respect. But then you hate people of color also now don’t you.
Fact 4. No, I’m not “overdoing it on the rum based drinks”, I gave that up more than 30 years ago, you see it caused me to focus on idiots like u and since I was afforded the opportunity to protect civilian populations being targeted by scum bag, scum sucking antisemites like you. It was my job. I hunted them down and persuaded them to change their “tack”.
De Opresor Libre
Fact 5. “I have no particular love or hate of Muslims”. Interesting statement in light of the fact that you very much hate Jews and say as much in your dribble.
I hope your blood pressure can be controlled, but if not that’s ok too. Just keep coming back for more treatments, I have plenty in the medicine cabinet.
Fact 6. No one but you has screamed. I hear it each and every time you try to make sense with that mush your handlers left you for brains. It’s true you know, brainwashing is reversible, it’s the lithium shuffle that bothers most.
Fact 7. You pretend at making a point of “some very disagreeable traits”. What you do not say, but I did was that there is no right minded behavior which allows any person anywhere to strap bombs to babies or to kill defenseless school children. You don’t decry that behavior which means you accept it.
Fact 8. Your obvious support of these ideals you have proven time and again by spewing your hatred of Jews. You cannot be considered any better than the muslim who cries for Jewish blood, and you are worse yet if you are not a muslim; because your sense of right and wrong has left you. You don’t feed with the pack, you feed of the offal.

A weak mind is a wonderful thing to play with. Having fun with your?

Emeq Hawaii 15 March 2008

I feel you have missed something here as these cruel evil actions by gun toting madmen who do this with G_ds permission are in fact loyal Israeli Jews who are defending their country. A land which was given to them by G_d himself, try read your bible if history eludes you. “And I will set thy border from the Red Sea even unto the sea of the Philistines, and from the wilderness unto the River”. I feel you do not know the torments done to the Jews throughout time, the murders, the mistreatments, the insults, and the gross humiliations. As you have not experienced these things I can say you are not a Jew nor would you ever become one. To side with what you feel is the underdog here is not reality. Jews are not killing innocent people here but you are through your words of disagreement with the defense against the Palestinians by the Jews. You should save what is left of yourself and refrain from writing anymore hatred that you don’t believe you have. Face reality it is on your doorstep, soon it will be in your house then what will you do? I assume you will have a flag of all parties involved so you can save yourself no matter who comes knocking. I am reposting as I am not anonomys I want you to know who I am.

Alexys Hawaii 16 March 2008

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