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Brazilian president favors Arafat over Herzl

Da Silva, President of Brazil in IsraelDespite Israel’s efforts to win over the notoriously pro-Arab Da Silva, the visiting Brazilian president put a wreath on Arafat’s tomb but refused to participate in a similar ceremony at Herzl’s tomb.

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How sickening!
The terrorist Arafat who pocketed aid which was meant to help his people, while causing untold problems for Israel!
He doesn`t deseve a wreath being laid on his tomb!

Carole ColwynBay 18 March 2010

Do now worry, this guy is just another leftist like the ones in Israel – just a blue collar idiot. I do not understand though, it is why did Israel allowed him to do what he did in Israel, and slap the Jews. WHOSE FAULT WAST IT?. ISRAEL, DO NOT BLAME THE FOOL, BLAME THE ONE WHO ALLOWED HIM TO ACT AS A FOOL.

ISRAEL !!!!!

Alfredo Santiago 07 April 2010

The Devil comes in many forms,and convinces those to bid his will. But that smile that is given, is to cloud the mind,and his actions,will always make clear his intentions.

For that is the weakness of these Satanic peoples with there lack of understanding, who send you there messages of disturbing thought.

Go back to your Amazonian Capital,where you allow Mother Nature to be Pillage and Raped for the lust of personal wealth in the name of commercialism.

A R Thompson B/mouthUK 06 December 2010

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