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Borders issue: no answer from anyone

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Borders issue: no answer from anyoneThe White House retracted its demand for a three-month settlement freeze [1], realizing that twenty F-35 jets is too high a price for another round of peace talks which would certainly fail.

At the same time, 26 prominent European politicians signed a petition to recognize the Palestinian state in an area equal to 100% of the territory ‘occupied’ in 1967, with its capital in East Jerusalem. But this is something that Israelis have already agreed to and Palestinians have rejected for over a decade. The devil is in the details: what exactly is ‘East’ Jerusalem and what settlements would Israel preserve in exchange for strategically irrelevant land?

On those issues, a solution cannot be imposed: Israel in unlikely to uproot the settlement blocks, thus Palestine cannot be recognized in its 1967 borders [2], and only the parties themselves can agree to the specifics of the land swaps.

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