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Blair: Israel subverts the peace process

The Quartet’s envoy Tony Blair says that peace can be achieved fairly soon if Israel accepts a number of compromises.

Presumably those compromises include such minor things as evicting up to half a million Jews from their homes, giving up Judea and Samaria, and allowing a Hamas terrorist state across the border.

Blair did not ask the Palestinians to accept any compromises.

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This Israel government is totally speechless when it is verbally attacked by racist EU officials.

yidl MedicineHatAB 28 June 2009

Tony Blair is not a friend of Israel. He pretends to hold an olive branch in one hand while holding an ax in the other that is intended to cut Israel to the quick but having it make concessions that are unfair and unreasonable. To expect Israel to make one concession after another while asking nothing of the enemies of Israel is laughable. It is my prayer that the Israeli PM will stand firm and reject this false peace that Mr. Blair is trying to accomplish by his underhanded methods.
If the tables were turned, Mr. Blair would never do what he is asking Israel to do.

Barbi Fox SanAntonio,Texas 28 June 2009

Mr Blair…. Mr Ostrich, We are fighting for our existance. You who refused to drop a single bomb on the tracks to the death camps, and gave the world a bloody Ireland, go to hell!!

RevBadel Memphis 28 June 2009

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