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Bibi-Obama-Abbas: A chicken game

As Obama’s envoy Mitchell demanded the immediate resumption of the “peace” talks between Israel and the Palestinian thugs, Abbas reiterated his refusal to negotiate until Netanyahu accepts a two-state solution, which is actually twenty-two states for Arabs and one state for Jews and Arabs together.

Abbas counts on embarrassing Obama into pressing Netanyahu to accept a Palestinian state.

In his soon-to-be-announced peace platform, Netanyahu will likely engage in typical Jewish scheming instead of plainly refusing to cede Jewish land to Muslims. He will accept something short of a Palestinian state, perhaps nominal “Palestinian self-rule,” but condition it on impossible progress in curbing Palestinian terrorism.

Unfortunately, Netanyahu lacks the guts to let Hamas into the West Bank and bury Fatah along with the peace process.

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Obama chicken game does not seem to be of any use for Israel. Actually, this pressure becomes really boring and this Obama chicken ganme only tampers with Israeili development.

annakurnikova Russia 02 March 2010

It seems that not only some foreigners try to take part in Israeli economic and political life and ususally in order to spoil something but some of the Israelis, for instance, Yad Sarah, also do quite a lot to cause some harm to the country.

Jack McMinnville 02 March 2010

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