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Bibi is only technically right on central committee

With two weeks left until the election of the Likud central committee, Netanyahu changed the allocation of seats to increase the power of the cities against the settlements in Judea and Samaria.

His move is theoretically correct because the allocation is indeed skewed if Likud wants proportional representation of its voters on the committee. But that misallocation has stood for twenty years, and every other Likud leader has preserved it in order to keep the party distinctly conservative. Netanyahu’s idea is to weaken opposition to the eventual withdrawal from the West Bank.

He may be mistaken, though. With all the support the withdrawal would enjoy from leftists and Arabs, he should be more concerned with maintaining a shred of support for his more conservative policies in the central committee.

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Is there any chance of the Likud eventually splitting? This alliance between central left and right wing just does not make sense. The Likud right has not achieved anything significant other than occasionally putting the breaks on a policy or two. Contrary to appearances, the Likud left keeps making steady progress on issues of real power and significance. Isn’t this the time for an authentic right wing party to emerge consolidating the National Union and the Likud right? Any comments?

TW 30 November 2011

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