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Attorney General targets Avodah Ivrit rabbis

Avodah IvritMazuz opened investigations against the rabbis who called upon Israelis not to hire Arabs. The halachic decisions came in the wake of bulldozer attacks by Arab laborers. The most recent stabbing attack by an Arab laborer took place just days ago in Modiin Illit.

The rabbis have another argument for their decision—that the Jewish community is primarily obligated to Jews in terms of financial support. It is impermissible, therefore, to hire Arabs when there are hungry Jews seeking the job at a comparable wage. Arabs often accept substantially lower pay because they don’t pay taxes, and Jewish employers prefer Arabs because they are more submissive as workers than Jews, who know of their labor rights.

The rabbinical arguments are halachically impeccable and, as a matter of religious discourse, fall out of the jurisdiction of Israeli law on racist incitement. At any rate, much stronger incitement against Jews takes part daily in the Arab sector.

It is obscene that the leftist establishment persecutes the leading rabbis of this generation, including Haim Kanievsky. The prosecution acts on a petition by Israeli reformists (IRAC), who hate Orthodox Jews and embrace our Arab enemies. The move, both by the reformists and the attorney general, was widely expected.

Avodah Ivrit is not necessarily a right-wing idea. Early Zionists refused to hire Arabs for the purely socialist reason that they wanted to transform the Jews into a nation of laborers.

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This is a very wrong transelation of Avoda Ivrit. Avoda Ivrit was ment to title the Israelis as very hard workers to in order to build themselves a country. The Israelis are not only “laborers” they are also scolared, scientists, builders, farmers, writers, doctors etc. etc.

Israelis are NOT lazy. They stand on their feet and work hard to build a country for its people!

This is something the Palestinians don’t even try to do.

st 02 January 2009

Look to all Israel people
Every one come from other land
Because there is no Israel
Israel stolen Arab land Palestine in 1984
before that there is no Israel
they come by collection of murder and kill people and stole our land

Did the world accept!!!! give the criminal Israel our land Palestine

YOUSEF ArabLand 04 January 2009

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