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Attitude toward terrorism changed in Palestine

Following the Itamar murders, Palestinian media rushed to blame immigrant workers or even Jews themselves for the crime. According to Abbas’ logic, Jews cannot blame Palestinian Arabs for the murder until courts sentence the perpetrators.

Though despicable, that attitude signifies a major new twist in the Arab mentality. Many of them are no longer happy with terrorist murders. Years ago, the West Bank would have erupted in celebrations over this terrorist act, just as Gaza did. This time, praise was muted and criticism transparently implied.

Perhaps the other side has also grown weary of the war.

Meanwhile, other Arabs do not laud Gadhafi for defying American pressure to step down. Years ago, he would have been idolized by the Arab street for fighting despite the US orders. Now, Arabs shrugged at his bloody methods. It seems that Arabs are losing their Bedouin mentality to consumerism and quickly acquire ethical values similar to Europeans.

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Cm’on Obadiah, that’s wishful thinking.
They are still savages and happy about the murder. They are just becoming media savy and know that overt celebration will hurt their cause. They celebrate out of site of the cameras.
Otherwise why would they worship all the dead murderers of the recent past?

Viiit 18 March 2011

Why do we honor Avraham Stern, Yitzhak Shamir, and Menahem Begin, to say nothing of Raful?

admin 19 March 2011

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