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Assimilated Jews offended by non-equality

Jewish organizations worldwide scream about the Catholic Good Friday prayer which somewhat chides Jews for not recognizing Christian values promptly.
Jews, of course, have no business about Christian prayers, and our own prayers are fairly critical of other peoples.
But Jewish leaders are offended that after all their efforts to sell the Jewish state and the nation, Christians still don’t treat them as equals.

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I live in Spain. Some of my neighbors are fanatical Catholics that belong to a shadowy mafia-type Ultra-Catholic organization called Opus Dei (=’G_D’s Work’). They are all fascists in the sense that they see themselves as New Age Nazis “on G_D’s side”. They are just about willing enough to let Protestants off from being burnt at the stake for heresy, so what chance have Jews got ? They wield enormous power inside the Vatican. They got their fascist founder made into a saint. (seriously folks, not joking !) I just wish you could hear some of the ‘conversations’ it’s been my displeasure to overhear. They have an insignia on rings and stuff that shows the Star of David in a trash can.

Let’s not forget that the present Pope is a Bavarian Catholic. They are notorious for their right wing views. He has reinstated the Latin Mass. That means , in plain words, cursing all that is not Catholic and swearing to make them Catholic, by force if necessary. No wonder the Old Bavarian Queen is so keen to establish “dialog” with the Muslims. Looked at from his point of view it’s a very attractive proposition. Stop bombing Europe (=Catholics) and we can finish the Yellow Star Mob off for good. Hitler was born not far from where this Camp Old Nazi was raised so it figures. At the present time the Old Queen is busy trying desperately to fill the leaky holes caused by thousands of priests raping little boys in their care. This is Big Business for Vatican Inc. The faithful get well and truly pissed off and stop ( horror/shock) handing over piles of cash to His Hole-iness.
Join the dots and make a picture.

Ian Ward AlicanteSpain 03 August 2008

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