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Assassination of nuclear professor shows Iranian cowardice

Yet another nuclear professor was killed in Iran, this time a department head at Natanz. Two years ago, another high-level scientist was killed similarly, reportedly by magnetic bomb attached to his car. It later transpired, though, that he was simply shot from a motorcycle.

Once again, the Iranians did not retaliate against Israel, which supports our view that the ayatollahs would not counter-attack after a strike on their nuclear facilities.

Mostafa Roshan

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Go at it CIA/Mossad, when the day comes and WTC II & III return to haunt the people of NYC and Tel Aviv the world will appalud the ‘entertainment’ and realize that ‘It’s not the size of the dog in a fight that counts – It’s the size of the fight in the dog that determines victory. As we see the bankrupt US/NATO baby killers negotiting in secret (suing for peace) with the Taliban) we realize that this old saying is true. Reverend Wright was right: “God damn AmeriKKKa!’

TheAZCowBoy Tombestone,AZ. 12 January 2012

Az cowboy where you going with your unrighteous piss head talk ? Are you a arab hiding in the U.S. drawing welfare or pumping your 15 year old wife?

william jackson 12 January 2012

No one has claimed responsibility for the assassinations, and there has been no “smoking gun” clearly indicating Israel. Any nation(s) making an attack — especially a large-scale military attack — on Iran’s nuclear facilities would be more easily identifiable. Unfortunately, much of the world would see a military strike at this point as “unprovoked,” and there would be some international sympathy for an open Iranian counterattack. Iran still has to cross a brighter red line than it has so far, but its latest bluster may indicate that it is moving closer.

Joe Kicklighter 16 January 2012

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