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Arson is terrible, but what can we do?

Vigilantes set fire to a house filled with African illegals in the center of Jerusalem. Firefighters acted quickly, and there were no casualties.

It is certainly wrong to burn Africans, but what are the options for people who are sick of the crime they bring to the neighborhood and have no recourse to the law because the police turn a blind eye?

In France, police are searching for ten Africans who assaulted Jews with iron bars.

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Why is it that nationalists have only two speeds: either utter submission or extremism?

I see this on talkbacks all the time, asking for mass killings and mass expulsions of Arabs and indiscriminate shootings – with inflammatory language added to it.

There does not seem to be a middle ground of rational, effective, and legal means of attaining their purposes.

Jews are not a bunch of oppressed people under the thumb of a Tzar or a Fuehrer. Israelis now have a country, a set of laws.

The fact that the government is “inept”, to use a very kind and polite term, does not mean that citizens have to give up their rights.

There is a report today of Ulpana residents marching on Jerusalem. Ulpana residents! Where are the rest of the settlers? The rest of Israelis?

What will it be when it’s other settlements’ turn to be razed? Who will be there to support them and protect them?

Africans have been invading Israel for years, while the population slept.

And after all these years politicians still appear not to know that UNHCR and UNRWA are tasked with looking after refugees.

So is it either doing nothing or setting fire to African dwellings?

What about using international law to solve this problem instead. That’s an option the government hasn’t availed itself from yet. Perhaps because not enough citizens have pointed out this option yet.


By the way, it just dawned on Israelis that this African invasion may be a leftist plot. Wow, who could have imagined that!

African Infiltration Planned by Left?


Canadian Otter 04 June 2012

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