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Army pulls Jews out of synagogue

After a few members of the Hilltop Youth movement entered the ancient Jericho synagogue, IDF was called in to extract them.

It is nearly unthinkable for IDF to extract Muslims from a mosque, but things are different with Jews.

Jericho was the first town conquered by Joshua bin Nun, and the first West Bank town Israeli gave to the PLO. A synagogue in Jericho is problematic because of the commandment to leave the place desolate and never settle it again.

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The Land of the Palms & Oasis of Water, Jericho is a jewel splendor with a history that reflects are progress.

Which we all should take time to meditate on.

One should not object to the praying of its peoples providing it does not offend others,for ones Faith is as strong as your conviction.

For who am I to condemn others because of there Faith.

If the young lads used the Synagogue to pray one must ask oneself did it offend others because of religious divvied.

The area used for that purpose of prayer & meditation had it not been agreed upon!.

For negotiation is far better way if a holy site is to be used and shared for the purpose of prayer.

If this area has been left in the hands of others through negotiation as they would be caretakers of synagogue.

It is only right to make contact with those that are the Guardians of Holy place be entry is made.

We all must refrain from causing Religious problems when we are confronted with far more important issues.

The IDF represents its people, but it also must see that there is fair and just settlement so each side can worship without offending each other.

The are rules that hold a Society together and we must abide by them, to belong to that Country we live in.

Arthur Ronald Thompson Bournemouth 15 November 2010

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