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Arabs tried stabbing a young Jew

Two Palestinians in Talpiyot, Jerusalem attempted to stab a twenty-four-year-old Jew with knife, but he beat them away with a stick he picked up at the scene. According to police, he faked the story.
Arab terrorism grows increasingly grassroots. Hamas and Fatah are engaged in the political process; they understand they can push Israel into more concessions by pretending to be the victims, rather than by attacking Jews. To maintain domestic popularity, the terrorist groups routinely send youngsters with bombs through Israeli roadblocks—and duly warn Shabak which then intercepts the bombers. Both the terrorists and Shabak score well in the deal: the Palestinians continue their struggle and Shabak fights terrorism. If the Palestinian terrorists wanted to carry out a real attack, they would have brought the bombs into Israel through an open area rather than through the roadblocks. It is also incredible that IDF is able to intercept all the bombers—a lot of them—at roadblocks so that no bomb is exploded inside Israel.
Though the established Palestinian terrorist organizations spy on their grassroots competitors and routinely report the bombers to Shabak, the face of the terrorist war against Jews is clearly changing. Israel can conclude any number of peace treaties with the Fatah-Hamas government, but common Palestinians will continue their terrorism against Israel.

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