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Arabs threaten civil disobedience over Naqba

Arab teachers reacted to the Education Ministry’s plan to omit references to Naqba by threatening civil disobedienceómore than a labor strike.

Since Israeli Arabs as a group are tax-negative, Jews pay the salaries of the Arab teachers who teach Arab children how the evil Jews robbed them of their land.

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Notice how whenever the Arabs feel a grievance, they don’t simply go tit for tat, but they go all the way, they go for the throat, double or nothing. The idea is to make the other side cave in from all their screaming and threatening. Of course with the softhearted and softbrained Jews, this tactic usually works. So watch as TAU proceeds to,in effect, spit on Zionism while giving the okay to Nakba legitimization.

pinchas boston 13 May 2012

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